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Wahrweb now steps into the new digital future and focuses on making access to its information easier for users by providing multiple viewports like: Computer desktops, laptops, tablets and handheld devices.

Welcome to the New Wahrweb!

This is the first Wahrweb make over in years. With progress of time many new technologies have risen and it was time for me to make sure Wahrweb was adapted to the environment of todays smartphones, tablets laptops etc.

Studying all these new technologies take time, so redesigning this new layout is an ongoing effort. I have chosen to start with a new front end which links to the old pages. These old pages will then be revamped one by one. It will enable visitors to listen to music and watching video also on the various sizes of screens like smartphones, tablets etc. using the latest facilities of HTML5 and CSS3 in webdesign and programming.

Don't forget to look at Help at (Home -> Help) in the menu above! Once again WELCOME and ENJOY yourselves!

Fully Responsive

Wahrweb in its new design will enable visitors to read the contents, play the music and watch video clips on all currently available media screens. The pages will adjust themselves to the available screen size and multimedia technology

Web Design

The technology used in web design here at Wahrweb includes PHP, HTML5 + CSS3. The use of Flash technology will be avoided, only browsers with no other alternative will be serviced with Flash technology.

User Settings

This website uses cookies only to enable users to keep their chosen settings like Language, Style etc. Cookies will not be used to track user data for advertising or other purposes.

What Else Is New?


Much attention will be given to illustrations by showing related pictures and photos in the subjects.


The regular visitor already knows that music plays an important role here at Wahrweb, and we'll continue.


I'll try my best to place many interesting video clips here for your pleasure. More than before.


There will be special section for tips & tricks and short tutorials in the area of technology and culture.

Summing it up

Wahrweb is dedicated to my parents, family members and all the visitors here, especially the elderly INDO community. I, the webmaster, am also of Eurasian descent and would like to share those Indo Memories from decennia gone by and our Dutch-Indonesian culture and heritage. I would like to preserve our music, education and upbringing for our children and grandchildren, so they will not forget their roots in the past.

  • Love yourself and love all others
  • Maintain your family values
  • Spread your knowledge and inheritance
  • Be forgiving and thankful for being alive

Views of Indonesia...

Where my parents come from, the Minahasa in Northern Sulawesi, we have two important sayings: "Si Tou Timou Tumou Tou" and "I Yayat U Santi!", meaning "Never say die! You are obliged to be strong, continuously go forward and refuse to step backwards" . In Minahasan I would like to add this: "Pakatuan wo Pakalawiren".

Roderick C. Wahr

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